Double Hoop T-bar Necklace -50%
Go bold with the Double Hoop T-bar Necklace. Geometric and modern, this adjustable T-bar necklace..
$100.00 $50.00
Logo Bar Stacking Ring -49%
Upgrade your ring collection by adding the Logo Bar Stacking Ring. With a geometric shape and min..
$55.00 $28.00
Harry Potter, Harry Potter Charm -49%
Harry Potter may have been a reluctant hero at first, but the Chosen One honors his fate with bra..
$55.00 $28.00
Pandora Moments Barrel Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet -49%
Never forget where you’re from with the shake chain bracelet with a barrel clasp in sterling silv..
$65.00 $33.00
Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet -50%
Start your very own Pandora story with this sleek snake chain bracelet in Pandora Rose™ , a 14k r..
$175.00 $88.00
Elevated Heart Necklace -50%
Let love guide your look with this sterling silver heart necklace, which can be worn in two diffe..
$90.00 $45.00
Harry Potter, Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Dangle Charm -49%
Get a special delivery from Hogwarts with the Harry Potter, Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Dangle Cha..
$55.00 $28.00
Vintage Circle Stud Earrings -50%
These PANDORA Rose™ earrings combine solitaire studs with detachable jackets. For daytime chic, t..
$100.00 $50.00
Curb Chain Necklace -58%
No jewelry collection is complete without a simple versatile necklace that can be worn by itself ..
$175.00 $73.00
Clear Sparkling Crown Solitaire Ring -49%
Bring an explosion of sparkle to your outfits with the sterling silver Clear Sparkling Crown Ring..
$75.00 $38.00
New York Statue of Liberty Dangle Charm -49%
Take a bite out of the Big Apple with the Pandora Moments Statue of Liberty Dangle Charm. Inspire..
$65.00 $33.00
Beads & Pavé Bracelet -49%
When you want to wear chunky and edgy beads with an elegant twist, this sterling silver Beads &am..
$75.00 $38.00
Forever Friends Heart Dangle Charm -50%
Celebrating the unending bond between the very best of friends, this pretty charm consists of a s..
$60.00 $30.00
Hamsa, All-seeing Eye & Feather Spirituality Dangle Charm -49%
Show you’re a true citizen of the world with the hamsa hand, all-seeing eye and feather dangle ch..
$65.00 $33.00
Crown Stud Earrings -49%
Create a royal connection with these beautifully crafted sterling silver stud earrings, shaped as..
$55.00 $28.00
Asymmetrical Heart Hoop Earrings -50%
Perfect imperfections are the inspiration behind this cool, minimalist pair of small heart-shaped..
$50.00 $25.00